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Abundance on Demand!(352) 789-6093

If you like the idea of locally grown food without pesticides and fungicides, you’ve come to the right place:

Commercial and Residential Aquaponics

Fresh Water Lobster

Delicious Tilapia

Naturally Grown Tilapia


At Easy Ponix, we grow food in our delightful mini-commercial aquaponic farm. You can come by and pick your own vegetables, fish and Australian Redclaw Clawfish or catch us at a farm market. We also design and build farms for residential or commercial use. If you are interested in a farm please contact us. 352-789-6093

TomatoesWe take pride in the idea that our garden started with a vision and with a passion, these were the foundation of what it has become. When we started this process years ago, we didn’t know much about aquaponic farming. We knew that we loved the idea and then we went about the business of learning and building the idea. In a perfect EasyPonix world, every house would have an aquaponic farm and would be growing food without chemicals.

Hot Chili Peppers Aquaponics

Currently growing the SIX hottest peppers in the world. Hot Pepper Kings of Marion County Florida!

Why you need an aquaponics system, We can build a farm for you, residential or commercial.

Pure Economics

Over the past few years we’ve all seen food prices go up. Inflation is taking its toll and it could go much higher. Things are more expensive today than they were when you were younger. It is a way of our society. Imagine being able to take control of your food supply. We can’t grow bacon (we’ve tried) but most vegetables, fruits and herbs can grow in an aquaponic system. You will be able to eat delicious food at a price tag that is extremely acceptable.

Pure Food

Science is extraordinary. Our food supply in America is incredible. The way that our country is able to track the origination of beef or chicken is a modern era wonder. However, when supply, demand and profit intermingle it turns out that our food supply could contain things that you just might not be interested in consuming. Science is even moving toward test tube meat. Farmers have changed the DNA structure of staples like corn for various reasons. The end result…things Red Belljust aren’t natural. In fact, humans are actually changing their DNA structure based on the food we eat. These genes are being passed down to our future generations. Pesticides and chemicals in our food supply continue to become less healthy for all of us. That is one reason why organic stores and farm markets have done so well. But what if you could easily grow your own food supply? Once you take some time to understand how an aquaponic farm works, you’ll be shocked and amazed at how easy and delicious it really can be.

Pure Freshness

You just can’t get any fresher than picking food from a pesticide free plant and putting it in on your plate. How many times have you gotten home expecting to use a veggie for dinner only to realize that you waited a day too long? It has to be thrown out and now you are down to a can Romain Lettuceof green beans for a side dish. Those days are long gone. We at EasyPonix want to show you how this revolutionary close looped system will be fairly maintenance free and one of your best allies in our current economy and way of life!