Abundance on Demand - (352) 789-6093

Abundance on Demand!(352) 789-6093

Gourmet Hot Peppers and Fruit Trees grown in an aquaponics environment. No pesticides and now fungicides

Commercial and Residential Aquaponics

Butch-T Scorpion Pepper

Delicious Tilapia

Trinidad Douglah Scorpion


At Easy Ponix, we grow food in our delightful mini-commercial aquaponic farm. 352-789-6093

TomatoesWe take pride in the idea that our garden started with a vision and with a passion, these were the foundation of what it has become. When we started this process years ago, we didn’t know much about aquaponic farming. We knew that we loved the idea and then we went about the business of learning and building the idea. In a perfect EasyPonix world, every house would have an aquaponic farm and would be growing food without chemicals.

Hot Chili Peppers Aquaponics

Currently growing the SIX hottest peppers in the world. Hot Pepper Kings of Marion County Florida!