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Carolina Reaper

Carolina ReaperThe Caroline Reaper is currently the hottest pepper in the world cultivated by PuckerButt Pepper Company in South Carolina. Remember it’s not about the heat, it’s about the flavor and with the correct mindset one can create amazing flavors using spicy peppers. This spicy delight will bring tears of pain and joy to the whole family.

Did You Know? Chili pepper extract is a medicinal marvel: it combats prostate cancer, herpes and diabetes, and is a natural painkiller, helping those suffering from arthritis and headaches. It also speeds up our metabolism.

Reference material – Scoville Scale

2 Comments on “Carolina Reaper”

  • Pat MacCarroll:Jan.16.2016

    Hello, I would like to inquire if you have a Carolina Reaper “sauce” or it’s equivalent available for sale
    Pat MacCarroll

  • admin:Jan.20.2016

    Howdy Pat, we do not make Carolina Reaper hot sauce. But we just made a batch of sauce including a few scorpion varieties. If you are interested give us a call 352-789-6093

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