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Trinidad Douglah

Trinidad DouglahOh how could we forget The Trinidad Douglah? Definitely in the top 5 hottest peppers in the world. It has a chocolate smokey flavor and believe it or not, is hotter than Beyonce’s GQ photo shoot. It has one of the¬†highest capsicum oil concentrations of any pepper. Harnessed correctly, this pepper can add a mouth watering liquid smoke flavor with fantastic heat to any dish.

Did You Know? Chilies are the world’s 2nd most common food in relation to quantity, only second to salt. It is difficult to imagine the volume of chilies consumed globally but you may want to consider the fact that chili peppers have the highest quantity of vitamin C than any other vegetable. Amongst its other healing properties, consider chili peppers to aid in curing the common cold or even influenza.

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