Abundance on Demand - (352) 789-6093

Abundance on Demand!(352) 789-6093

We Grow Gourmet Hot Peppers in an aquaponics environment. Then we make delicious hot sauce with them. There are no pesticides and no fungicides used in our garden. It’s an all natural growing process. Buy Our Hot Sauce.

Commercial and Residential AquaponicsEasyPonix is the distributor of Captain Caliente’s Gourmet Hot Sauce. All of our hot peppers are now being used to produce this incredible hot sauce.

Captain Caliente loves the true flavor of hot peppers. Not just the heat, but he loves the flavor behind the heat. He does not use water to dilute the taste of these amazing, delightful specimens known as hot pepper pods.  These sauces are true Hot Sauces with delicious super hot flavor in every single drop. There are currently 3 options available with many more to come.

The Original – Super Hot, Super Delicious

Green-Go – A fantastic medium flavored heat. Made with immature Super Hot Peppers. You will not regret this one.

Super Magnificent Hot Pepper Vinegar – Outrageously Magnificent. A vinegar infused with gourmet super hots.

Butch-T Scorpion Pepper

Delicious Tilapia

Trinidad Douglah Scorpion


At Easy Ponix, we grow hot peppers in our delightful mini-commercial aquaponic farm. 352-789-6093

Hot Chili Peppers Aquaponics

Currently growing the SIX hottest peppers in the world. Hot Pepper Kings of Marion County Florida!