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A Long Winded Explanation About EasyPonix

We started our first aquaponic farm as a hobby. It has now become a passion. Our mission is comprised of many tangible goals, wishes and dreams about what is and what can be. Difficult to put into a synopsis, indeed. Here are some of the basic principles by which our vision will guide EasyPonix in the years to come.

It’s Local

Let’s start with the ever popular buzz word that is making its way throughout “organic” farming circles and those who love the idea of natural verses processed food. “Local Sustainability” – The statement can, in some cases, sound trite. The theory is a huge concept with many moving parts. Local Sustainability can relate to an individual, a family, a local community, a region, a nation and hopefully – one day – our entire planet. EasyPonix is in America, in Central Florida. Our immediate goal is to educate locals about the benefits of eating naturally grown food. This can be in the form of seminar, sharing our growing knowledge with others, selling our naturally grown products and teaching our children about natural resources and how precious these resources relate to our day to day lives, perhaps most importantly…the food we eat. As adults we have done our fair share of polluting our bodies and our local environment. Americans tend to be among the most wasteful and decadent people in the world. It is because we have been blessed beyond measure and there has been very little education provided to us along the way. Collectively, Americans are incredibly generous and creative people. We have built an economy and infrastructure that bests any culture in the history of mankind. As information continues to flow about dangerous pesticides in our food supply, sudden bee colony collapse, mercury and radio-active materials in ocean fish, water shortages, and a somewhat bleak view of how future generations can survive on the significantly dwindling resources that we all have taken for granted, it should cause one to pause and consider what role he or she might be playing in all of this. More and more Americans are paying attention. More and more of us want to do something about it. This is an important time in our country’s history. Can we, will we make the changes necessary to preserve a healthy and wise future for our children? At EasyPonix, we say yes and yes. Local Sustainability is more than a theory. It is a way of life. We can grow our own food again. We can conserve water. We can teach our children about healthy food. And surely we can take responsibility for what happens in our own yard. The commitment to a new type of lifestyle seems insurmountable on a national scale. But each individual can make that decision and EasyPonix wants to help. First our friends, then our community and so forth.

Grow Bed Systems

EasyPonix is committed to developing a grow bed system that is duplicable, light weight, durable, stack-able and shippable. We want to facilitate farms for churches and soup kitchens to help develop food banks with freshly grown, healthy and Eco-friendly food. No pesticides, no fungicides, just good old fashioned food grown in a way that is incredibly resource conscious. Our grow beds will also be able to ship nationwide so that we can help the concept of local sustainability for individuals, communities, and cities all over the country and perhaps even globally.

Church Missions

One of the ideas that we are most excited about is helping churches and overseas missions develop aquaponic farms. If we teach churches how to grow and use these farms, those churches can teach their missionaries and the process of local sustainability on a global scale can ensue. If your church might be interested in this concept. Please contact us. We want to talk to YOU!