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Our New Aquaponics Grow Bed Systems!

It’s Been a Long Hot Summer

Here in beautiful central Florida the heat has been brutal, but the EasyPonix garden has continued put out the most delicious all natural food that has graced our tables. We have been going strong with huge assortment of tomatoes, eggplant, sweet peppers and a few different varieties of hot peppers.


Plump Succulent Roma Tomatoes


Sweet Yellow Baby Bell Peppers


Hot and Spicy Cayenne Peppers

The fish are continuing to grow and we can actually watch them become tastier by the day. We have pulled out 30 or so over the last year and the more we pull, the bigger the rest get.


Click to see the fish

Not only has the garden produced all these tasty veggies, we have started harvesting from our favorite high production plants like our Roma Juliet tomato, Ichiban eggplant and asparagus beans just to name a few.

IMAG2104 IMAG2103

The Next Generation

While the original garden (the “OG”) continues to amaze and provide an abundance of tasty veggies and herbs, we are super excited about the new phase we have just entered into here at EasyPonix. EasyPonix wants to help you grow food as easily and fresh as possible. We are proud to introduce the first full sized portable grow bed system that is specifically designed for aquaponics. These grow beds are 3.5’x6’x12” stackable, come with leg systems, bell siphon and drain systems and are able to be shipped anywhere in the continental United States.

 IMAG2085  IMAG2086
 IMAG2088  IMAG2090
 IMAG2094  IMAG2108

This grow bed system is light and durable and so easy to put together that anyone can do it. Follow the easy directions to set up and you will have your own Abundance on Demand in no time at all. Our next update is coming very soon.

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