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Back in the Garden again…

Its Getting Spicy in Citra

Well friends it has been a while since we have posted on update and by the emails that we have gotten there are more than a few fans out there that want to know how everything is going. We have been so busy with The Common Chef that we have slacked a bit on the updating.

Speaking of The Common Chef episode 12 continues to dazzle. We actually had the honor of being able to set up shop at the Taste of Ocala. Of course we didn’t go empty handed; we made a one of a king Jambalaya with some of our take from the garden and some awesome fresh meat from the Florida Fresh Meat Company. We had pork, chicken, a lamb sausage that we spiced and stuffed ourselves and some fresh alligator tenderloin. All natural grass feed and finished, free range and cage free. You have got to see it to believe it. See the episode here http://blip.tv/thecommonchef/tcc_ep12_blip-6207167


Livin Off the Land… Almost…

We have not gone anywhere or quit the farm, as matter of fact; it is thriving more than ever. Some things did not do so well and others are producing like you wouldn’t believe. It is still amazing to watch (and taste) the growth. The garlic chives are growing crazy and need to be trimmed and used a couple times a week.

The hot peppers are doing great as well. We have pulled quite a bit of jalapenos, prairie fire and black pearl peppers already, but now the cayenne are coming in like gang busters and they are making up for lost time. The last one to really get going is the habenero peppers. The plant itself has been growing nicely and is very sturdy, but has really just started to flower and we have hot and spicy peppers on the way.

The tomatoes are still doing well and producing fruit. Although to be honest we are not producing as much as we would like. While they be lacking in quantity, the taste of these ‘maters are amazing. The Chocolate Cherry tomatoes are so tasty and juicy that it makes the mouth water just thinking about it. The worms on the other hand are REALLY loving the leaves and they are tenacious. But my friends we are tenaciouser and we will prevail….

The Tilapia fishies are growing by fins and scales. It does seem that a few of them are racing to be first on the plate. We are at the stage where we are trying to figure out how to feed them  butter and garlic to start marinating them from the inside out. They look delicious!!!

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