Abundance on Demand - (352) 789-6093

Abundance on Demand!(352) 789-6093


Hot Pepper Season is Upon Us!

We have three peppers ready to harvest and ship right now.

Spicy Red Habanero, Peach Ghost Pepper and Pulla Chile. The Pulla Chile is excellent for drying and grinding to a powder.

Check out this monster pepper plant. Remember, it's all naturally gr...

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Hot Pepper Season Is Here

Be sure to order your hot peppers before they are gone. Limited supply is available. Visit our shop and remember that orders over $30 ship FREE!

We are also proud to announce that our new hot sauce is underway to receive FDA approval! We cannot wait fo...

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Fruit Trees for Aquaponic Farming

Fruit Trees in the Aquaponic Garden

We've been growing fruit trees in our orchard for over 3 years. Several varieties, the kids seem most anxious for the pomegranates and grape vines, whereas The Admiral is most content with the Kafir Lime tree for his stir fry dishes. What an amazing thing...

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Hot Pepper Kings of Marion County Florida

Capsaicin - Our family is made up of hot chili fanatics, save the daughter. In time she just may be won over, if not by flavor then perhaps for her skin care products. Those who love heat, simply are addicted to it. And we are here for you. But wait, what...

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We Start Planting Tomorrow

Our revolutionary new aquaponic garden is just about complete. But one thing is for sure, it is complete enough for plants to start growing. It's been a long time in the making but we are so pleased to announce that this garden is officially launching. Th...

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Our New Aquaponics Grow Bed Systems!

It’s Been a Long Hot Summer
Here in beautiful central Florida the heat has been brutal, but the EasyPonix garden has continued put out the most delicious all natural food that has graced our tables. We have been going strong with huge assortment of tom...

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The 12th Wonder of the World

...and the Third Wonder for Citra
Here on The Land we do things our way. We realize that there are some tried and true methods of doing most things, we , in the pioneer spirit, tend to try things our own way. If we cant do it our own way, we will tweak a...

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Getting Spicy in Citra

The peppers are a flowin up here on Citra.
The end of August has brought out a big (and welcome) surprise.... Peppers a Plenty. After what seemed like forever of growing time, then an eternity of fruiting (not really, just a couple months) Our spicy pepp...

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Back in the Garden again…

Its Getting Spicy in Citra
Well friends it has been a while since we have posted on update and by the emails that we have gotten there are more than a few fans out there that want to know how everything is going. We have been so busy with The Common Chef...

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