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Episode 10 of The Common Chef

EasyPonix teamed up with a local TV show to film the making of an EasyPonix system. The episode is due out in April but here are a few pictures for a sneak peek into the making of the system and the final product. If you are interested in organic food and in awesome cooking you might want to check into The Common Chef.

Since the EasyPonix farm is running on fish poop it was initially stocked with 125 Tilapia. In celebration of this momentous occasion, The Common Chefs created 3 different Tilapia dishes. One was a spinach salad with deep fried Tilapia bites, topped with a sweet granola and a light but sweet fruit based vinaigrette. Another dish included Tilapia in a Mexican soup and for the main course it was blackened Tilapia atop pasta accompanied with a red wine based pasta sauce with veggies.

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