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Fruit Trees for Aquaponic Farming

We’ve been growing fruit trees in our orchard for over 3 years. Several varieties, the kids seem most anxious for the pomegranates and grape vines, whereas The Admiral is most content with the Kafir Lime tree for his stir fry dishes. What an amazing thing it is to watch a fruit tree grow, take form and then produce fruit. But…it….takes….for….ever! Especially if you have little patience. So we started experimenting with the idea of power growing fruit trees in the aquaponic garden. As in all things in regard to aquaponic farming, some things like to get their feet wet and some things don’t. We have the advantage of a green house, which helps. Currently, we are growing guava, olive, plum, apple and apricot trees in the garden. Further, we have successfully propagated guava tree cuttings.

Remember, you may not have a lot of room to grow food – but you should be growing something to eat. Grow food today!

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3 Comments on “Fruit Trees for Aquaponic Farming”

  • Chad McFarlin:Mar.14.2016

    I’ve had an interest for years of doing a green house type aquaponics. We live here now from Wisconsin and we miss good fresh nutrient vegetables and find the soil in Florida much different when we buy product from the farmers market. We are not farmers nor have a green thumb. I really need help on what I should do to get started. We have 8 kids and want to have fresh herbs, veggies or whatever on our property to eat.
    My wife and I are wondering if you guys would be willing to help us get started. We live in Ocala Florida and would love to come by and visit your farm or a phone from you.
    Chad McFarlin 715.492.1382

  • admin:Sep.22.2016

    Without question.

  • Fred Garley:Mar.01.2018

    Do you provide tours and or short (half day) seminars. We are retired, just finished our own cabin in the woods and have started a little hobby farm. We want to grow food for us and fodder for our goats, chickens, and geese. And we are researching ways to feed our rescue dogs and cats. Maybe tilapia?

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