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Getting Spicy in Citra

The peppers are a flowin up here on Citra.

The end of August has brought out a big (and welcome) surprise…. Peppers a Plenty. After what seemed like forever of growing time, then an eternity of fruiting (not really, just a couple months) Our spicy peppers are ready for the pickin. These cayenne’s have been growing for a while before they started putting out some fruit, then all of the sudden BAM…30 or 40 started popping out. The plants grew very nicely and are strong and hearty. They got to be a deep shinny green color now are starting to turn a beautiful red.

The cayenne’s are not the only spicy peppers that are ….. on fire …. (pun most definitely intended). As always the black pearls and prairie fire peppers continue to supply us with a seemingly endless supply of their spicy goodness. The crowning jewel(s) of the spicy pepper collection are these beautiful habenero’s. They are not quite ripe yet but when they are they will be put to some good use.

More than just heat

The sweet bell peppers are coming along nicely as well. Im not sure if ours are acting “normally” or not but we have noticed a trend with most of the plants. The first “fruiting” will only pump out a fruit or 2. Then the second round will bust out like gang busters. This has been the case with the bell peppers as well. The first pepper came out all alone, then this round they came out in bunches. The herbs are doing really well as well. The garlic chives are a mainstay and gets used 3 or 4 times a week. The spearmint is so aromatic and flavorful that we have to try to come up with dishes to use it in. It is also very good in coffee and tea.

One of the most anticipated things to be put is the garden is the white eggplant. It has not only grown strong and started blossoming, but has now even started to pop out an eggplant. If it goes the same as a lot of others we have grown, it will spurt out one at first then pop them out a couple at a time. A big surprise are the asparagus beans. We were given these seeds by a friend of ours and planted them not knowing what to expect. They grew well but we had never grown these before and were blown away when these long beans started to grow. And by long we are talking about a foot and a half to two feet long. We even harvested some of the beans inside one of the pods and planted them. We even left a couple submerged in water and they started sprouting faster than the planted ones.

We cant forget about the fishies…

As Popeye the wise once said “I’ve had all I can stand and I cant stands no more!!” The fish are getting so big that for the sake of the garden, It looks like we are finally going to have to take a couple big’uns down. We have been waiting for this for a while. There is something to be said for knowing everything about where your meal came from. No pollution or bad stuff, just clean organic fish, herbs and veggies. Big Al has a date with the smoker this weekend….


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