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Hot Pepper Kings of Marion County Florida

Capsaicin – Our family is made up of hot chili fanatics, save the daughter. In time she just may be won over, if not by flavor then perhaps for her skin care products. Those who love heat, simply are addicted to it. And we are here for you. But wait, what about the rest of you? Those who quiver at the sound of a spicy hot meal. Chili Peppers could be the most incredible things you can put in your mouth! Yes, they are hot and for many people quite uncomfortable. But if you consider for a moment the incredible benefits one can gain from ingesting fresh hot chili peppers it might just change your mind. Yet, there are plenty of other reasons to take a second look at Chili Peppers. Capsaicin is currently used medically for many reasons. Anywhere from skin treatment to some forms of cancer. It can help with weight loss and it can most definitely liven up an otherwise dull dish.

At EasyPonix, chili peppers are a way of life (some family members can handle more heat than others) but we eat fresh chilies regularly. We are growing 12 different varieties of chili peppers for your health and food enjoyment. From the mild Jalapeno chili to the scorching Carolina Reaper. In the aquaponics business, we are not aware of other farms dedicating grow space for the hottest peppers in the world. With our system we should have delicious and brilliant hot peppers year round. We intend to make skin ointments, chili powders, hot sauces and all kinds of incredible things from our chili peppers. Make sure to join our newsletter to keep up to date as when we are going to be harvesting any given pepper.

Read more about capsaicin here.

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4 Comments on “Hot Pepper Kings of Marion County Florida”

  • Ric Pantin:Jul.22.2016

    How soon can I expect peppers once they are ordered?

  • admin:Sep.22.2016

    Peppers are harvested fresh and shipped the next day.

  • Ric Pantin:Jul.22.2016

    How soon does product arrive?

  • Jason Robichaud:Sep.14.2016

    I am having trouble ordering on your website. Can you assist me?

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