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In the Beginning

When we first started delving into aquaponics, It has changed our perspective about so many things. Our first system was built with plywood grow beds and pond liner. It produced so much food that we decided to take it to another level. Now we have a mini-commercial garden with 452 square feet of grow space including the “poop” factory of fish, our prototype grow beds, tons of vegetables, a lettuce raft system and fresh water lobsters (a.k.a. australian red claw crawfish).

2 Comments on “In the Beginning”

  • Tim:Dec.19.2019

    Spike in ammonia,
    I’ve already changed out 50% of water. Still between 4 – 8ppm ph is 6ppm. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Tim Worsley

  • admin:Dec.19.2019

    If you are just starting out there will be a massive spike in ammonia for the first month or so. It actually takes a good 6 months before you’ll see a stable PH. Don’t overthink it. Let the garden flow. I’m not exactly sure of your setup though. If your water is a floating system you will have a more difficult time. If it is flood and drain you will find more success.

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