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Abundance on Demand!(352) 789-6093

Lobsters, Fish, Bees, Worms, Chilies and Veggies…Oh My!

Our experiment with aquaponic farming continues. We are currently growing the 6 hottest peppers in the world along with a slew of delicious garden vegetables, tilapia and red claw crawfish. Our experimental grow beds are performing well under the stress of thousands of pounds including the weight of rocks, water and plants. It won’t be long before we start selling to the public. Check out our U-Pick It selection to see what is growing and harvesting now! This system is in perfect harmony after just 5 months since launch and we expect to see incredible growth over the next few months. We’ve added a bumble bee hive and red wiggler worms to the grow beds. This is how aquaponic farming should be.

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  • Jr hannemann:Feb.05.2018

    Can I see your farm and if so where are you located ?

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