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The 12th Wonder of the World

…and the Third Wonder for Citra

Here on The Land we do things our way. We realize that there are some tried and true methods of doing most things, we , in the pioneer spirit, tend to try things our own way. If we cant do it our own way, we will tweak an old idea, make it our own and build a better mouse trap. Or in this case a make shift greenhouse.

Even though we live here in the beautiful heart of Florida and enjoy the tropical weather immensely, the last few weeks have been a bit cooler than what our fish and plants were used to. Action needed to be taken immediately and anyone who knows us know that we are men of action….when we finally get around to it.

The time came for us to enclose the garden. We had to for the sake of the fish and plants. We are still getting some excellent production from the eggplants particularly the Ichiban. This plant has been spouting out delicious product for a couple months now and shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. Because this a warm weather plant, we think that the green housing will help make sure that we have fresh fruit for most of the winter.

The Rise of the Lady Beetle

We have also noticed an increase in the activity from our Asian Lady Beetles. While at this time of year they will usually start their hibernation cycle (called “over wintering”) we have seen more active larva. Of course more larva mean more pupa which leads to more lady beetles which leads to more eggs…. Isn’t natures way of cycling itself awesome!!!! Be on the lookout for a post in the near future about this important part to our little ecosystem.

Lets Not Forget About the Fishies

Of course we couldn’t let a post go without talking about the fishies. They are doing well. They don’t like the cold weather of the last couple weeks at all, but we have been able to keep the temperature of the tank up in the mid to high 60’s. I know that it is not optimal because Tilapia like the temp to be in the high 70’s to 80’s but we are doing it all natural. In the spirit of full disclosure we do have a heater in the tank but It will not kick on until the temp goes below 60. In our effort to stay off the grid as much as possible we just use the heater as a safeguard to losing any fish. We have done a pretty good job keeping it out of the danger zone.

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4 Comments on “The 12th Wonder of the World”

  • DONNA:Jun.16.2014

    How much are your grow beds and could I order a modified bed?

  • admin:Dec.05.2014

    Hi Donna. We are still in research and development of our grow beds. However, we can custom build any type of garden you would like. Here is a look at our new mini aquaponic garden kit. https://easyponix.com/our-galleries/new-aquaponic-grow-bed-kit/

  • Blaine:Apr.06.2015

    Are you still in business? If so what time do you open?

  • admin:Apr.14.2015

    Sure. We are open Mon – Fri. Give us a call to come by.

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