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You Wanna Make America Great? It Requires Sacrifice

Fresh Chili Peppers

The benefits of fresh hot chili peppers are just too obvious to ignore. One of the reasons that Mr. PC, managing partner of EasyPonix, LLC, is involved in creating hot sauce and growing super hot chili peppers has much to do with how incredible capsicum is when it comes to promoting natural health for your body. Coupled with the amazing benefits of growing food in a fresh water recirculating aquaponics system this business is more than just an idea. This is a passion.

Those of you who might be new to the idea of aquaponic farming it is one of the most incredible ways for our globe to sustain fresh produce. Many may complain about the idea of “Global Warming”. But at EasyPonix we see things more simple. We see conservation as the key to a sustainable future. Water is a finite resource. It must be conserved. On a planet with 7 billion people it should be obvious for “us” to find ways to relieve the pressure that our food requirements put on a fragile system. A recirculating water system with abundant nutrients to grow a multitude of produce only makes sense. Our system is a small system comparatively speaking. It recirculates roughly 3000 gallons of water. On a yearly basis EasyPonix needs to add approximately a 1500 gallons of water a year to 256 square feet of grow bed space, a 1000 gallon fish tank and a 700 gallon reservoir. The garden is soon to be expanded to 448 square feet of grow space. When considering the volume of food and vegetables that can be grown in this small grow space and the minimal use of water to grow this food it becomes a stark reality that mass farming must adapt to sustainable practices. We love trees in the ground, plants in the ground, growing food. But consider how many gallons of water a year one avocado tree requires. Or an almond tree. According to the US Department of Agriculture it takes 74.1 gallons of water to grow just a pound of avocados. Your guacamole is costly, to our future. But we are never taught these things. Instead we are treated to political alarmist memes. Vote this way or the planet will melt. And, vote this way or “they” will steal your money. No one talks about the truth. California is responsible for roughly 50% of our fruits, veggies and nuts in America. What happens when it runs dry? Can we feed this many people for decades to come? The answer is no. We can’t. Aquaponics can fill the gap. (How Thirsty Is Your Food?) And any reasonable agricultural mind will see this truth. Asking farmers, particularly the corn farms in the Mid-West to retool their farms for aquaponics is truly insurmountable. Many of these farms receive tax payer subsidies and change is very difficult for most, particularly when it requires monetary sacrifice. Why would they change? There is no incentive. It is costly to retool. At some point, we all have to make a conscious decision to do what is best for our children, our grandchildren. Many politicians mouth these words, but do they really mean it? It seems these words only apply to how fat their donations might be from the very people who resist change. The onus is on you. How can “we” expect others to change if we are not willing to do the same?

All of this to say that the passion behind this hot sauce is rooted in sustainability for us all. Our farm should serve as a model. We can grow multitudes of hot peppers. We can grow copious amounts of what is necessary to sustain a small business. And we can grow this food with a minimal ecological footprint. What if our whole society made this choice? We ask you to support us, not because our hot sauce is one of the most delicious flavors you’ve ever tasted. But because we care about the future generations of the world we live in. The fact that both ideas coincide is simply the perfect storm for change. Not that hot peppers can save the world. But we are pioneering a future for agriculture in Florida and the rest of the world. As are many aquaponic farms. Join us. Support us and others like us. Avocados will grow in aquaponic environments. So will many of the foods we eat. We have to stop allowing political factors govern our money and our choices. The power is in the hands of the consumer. Choose wisely friends.

Healthy Living Magazine was gracious enough to do a profile piece on our new hot sauce brand that will be out this year. If you are unfamiliar with the health benefits of cooking with hot peppers it is worth a look see. Anything fresh and unfettered by pesticides and fungicides speaks truth to the soul. But the added benefits of hot chili peppers in such an environment may perhaps merit a lifestyle change. See the article here.

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